Enjoy Being A Grown-Up Again

Enjoy Being A Grown-Up Again

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A quick scroll through my social media feed reveals a common theme. We are not celebrating being grown-ups very much. We post a lot of jokes about our self-sabotaging habits and how we cope with the various trenches of adulthood. We’ve become a bit cynical.

We didn’t start out like this.

We used to be dreamers, planning all the things we would be and what our lives would look like. Career. Travel. Marriage. Family. Social life. Maybe you even dreamed and planned for your perfect home in the perfect neighborhood.

Planning is sensible. Dreaming is sensual. Both are essential.

Once we have built that life we are unprepared for how it feels to actually live in it. Sure, we are proud. We love our lives and the people in them……but we are tired. The grind rarely stops. We keep going because…..adulthood. Yep. It can be a giant mojo killer.


Among the memes that make light of our perpetual stress and exhaustion there is a buzzword whispering to us……Self-care.

Don’t dismiss this one.

Self-care, simply put, is the nurturing of your mind, body and spirit. It’s what supports us while we are supporting a lifestyle. Self-care…..you might see it alongside words like “joy’ and “gratitude”. That’s nice. But it sounds like one more have-to on your calendar, right? Yes, it’s a discipline.

But here’s the seductive part……

These rituals have the power to generate a little heat back into our lives. The kind of heat that revives our our glow. It’s one to-do item that doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Self-care can remind us that adulthood is sexy and makes us love the skin we’re in again. It’s a personal practice that looks different for everyone but we all must make room for it in our minds, our schedules and in our homes.

When you planned your dream home did you mindfully consider a private space to care for yourself? Chances are that space is your master bedroom. Chances are, the details of that space have slipped to the bottom of your priority list because it is only seen by you….and your spouse if you are married….even more reason to elevate the atmosphere, eh?

If you are going to maintain your mojo this is the space where it begins. It’s where you wake up and get your game face on to go out and influence the world with your gifts. It’s the sanctuary you come back to for recharging, renewal, and hopefully a little romance. The details matter. You matter.

Make it beautiful.

It isn’t too late to actually enjoy being a grown-up, not just survive it. But you have to plan for it - dedicate space to it.

And in all your planning don’t forget to leave space for dreaming.

It’s our dreams that keep us forever young.


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