Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my project cost?

Working with me, the cost of your furnished room is based on the volume & price point of the merchandise you select. The total will reflect sales tax, shipping/handling & installation.

If you do not already have a preferred painter, wallpaper hanger, handyman or other licensed contractor for services I do not personally provide, I will coordinate those introductions & work closely with the home improvement professional of your choice.

You will have a separate sales/service agreement with these establishments or individuals.

How much is the design commission?

The commission is $250 for the first room and an additional $100 for each additional room. Should you choose to move forward with the purchase of a presented design, the commission will be subtracted from your final balance.

Where does the merchandise come from?

The merchandise furnishing your new space will come from my personal STUDIO DESIGN LIBRARY. This is my PRODUCT ARSENAL, providing me with all your furnishing needs. Because I carry furnishings lines from a vast array of top vendors, I can accommodate a wider budget range than a typical furniture showroom. From high-end to more moderate price points, my design library allows me better flexibility while pulling together your custom design.

What is in your design library?

I’ve got you covered floor to ceiling!

  • upholstered seating
  • upholstered headboards
  • custom bedding
  • case goods/wood furniture/storage pieces
  • area rugs
  • lighting
  • bath furnishings
  • wallpaper
  • accessories & wall art
  • ceiling fans
  • shades, blinds and custom draperies
  • FABRIC!!! Every color, texture & pattern you can imagine to truly make your space a custom masterpiece!
  • luxury sheeting, comforters, pillows and feather beds

What if I desire a unique piece from a local artist or craftsman?

I am always open to working with fellow local businesses & craftspeople to add a special, unique touch to your personal design.

What is the style of the rooms you create?

I design for YOU! Your new living space should be a reflection of what you love, not your designer. I have studied and appreciate every interior design style. I’m very happy to not be typecast into any particular design esthetic. My furnishings library allows me to practice styles as diverse as my client list!

How long will my project take to complete?

Unlike purchasing from a showroom floor, custom design typically takes a bit longer. Most projects are completed in 8-12 weeks. Often it is much sooner. Occasionally, projects take longer due to craftsmanship, a backorder or a particularly busy time of the year for workrooms, manufacturers & freight carriers.

If you have a deadline for your project, please let me know upfront. In many cases, I can opt for merchandise that can be quick-shipped or readymade.

A guideline to remember is that if you want it by Christmas, call me in August to complete your project ahead of time with minimal stress and chaos.

*If you have decided to invest in my luxury service and custom room design, my strong recommendation is to give yourself time to enjoy the process. Select furniture, fabrics and surfaces you truly desire instead of allowing a time constraint to dictate the choices you are likely to live with for several years. The best things are worth waiting for!

How can I make the design process go smoother?

  • Communication. Make sure you take the time to really think about and accurately answer my questions.
  • Thoroughly express your needs, wish list & concerns.
  • Carefully consider your budget and timeline to give me a firm understanding of what I have to work with.
  • Everyone involved in the decision making regarding style & budget should be present at all appointments.
  • Trust my process and we will stay on track with fewer appointments.
  • Do not involve people who do not live in your home and are not in charge of the design selections.
  • Stop shopping. Stop browsing.

Shopping is tempting and fun but so much eye candy keeps us from being decisive. I carefully consider the information compiled in your consultation & have a meticulous process when curating a custom design for you. The details are carefully refined and unified to deliver a design that is truly unique to you.

Once you have invested in my concierge service, you have made a decision to relax and enjoy the luxury of having a professional customize your interiors, manage your project & go the extra mile for you.

You get my time, expertise, attention to detail and efficiency with no hourly fees. If we stick to my proven system, you will meet your design goals and enjoy gorgeous, completed spaces!


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